The Mystical Archives of Dantalian 11: Archangel Raziel


This is another one of those shows I didn’t blog about for the summer season, yet still kept up with week-by-week anyway. And what better time to start talking about it than with the proper introduction of another one of our favorite forbidden book archivers: Archangel Raziel. Ready for some eye-patch moe? I sure am.


I’m still not sure at this point whether the proper spelling of her name is Raziel versus Rasiel, so I’m just going to stick with the former for now. And if you hadn’t already seen the show up to this point and you’re clamoring to figure out what’s going on, it’s best you stop reading at this point lest you be spoiled by what happened this far into the story.

Eleven episodes in and we’re finally introduced to who that mysterious girl is with the keyhole eye-patch in the opening title sequence. So far, we know of two other characters with the power to access the archive of forbidden books (Dalian being the front-runner of the known three), so it was quite refreshing to be introduced to what Raziel claims is an archive to the secrets of life and worldly knowledge. I also joked with a few friends who are also watching this show that it must be a painful to watch her transformation sequence whenever her companion has to access a forbidden book from her archives by jamming his hand into her eye socket. As crude as it sounds, I’m sure there will be a more convenient way to animate it that we’ve yet to see in the coming episodes (i.e. key-in-hole, how simple can that get).


It was quite the tease to think that Ilas was Raziel’s companion, only to find out that the mysterious bartender is actually the person behind all of this. Using the flashbacks of a previous battle that Ilas was involved in was quite clever too, which dropped subtle hints about his actual fate and why Hugh seemed so determined to put him to rest.

It turns out Ilas was just a Tidus-type of character who was brought back to life to serve the purpose of finishing a forbidden book that said mysterious bartender and Raziel were ultimately after. And since he failed to finish it after it burned up in the wreckage of the plane that was shot down by none other than Hugh himself, his existence was no longer needed and subsequently wiped from reality via mysterious bartender’s forbidden book of (what I presume to be) life.


For the second extra-episode, this installment really delivered. It set up the moment that Hugh and Dalian met and began their adventures to recover and solve the mysteries behind the forbidden books that we’ve been seeing these last ten episodes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the trio of mystical archive girls (Flamberge, Dalian, and now Raziel) will play their respective roles in the story now that all three have been revealed. And unlike a certain other mystery series that recently ended, this one sees promise in an age before technological advancements and fancy gadgets to close cases. Dabbling into myth and fantasy has always been a great way to get an audience excited week after week, and Dantalian has been doing a rather fantastic job at keeping the quality of its arcs up, while giving us a dated but well-used vintage feel to its mysteries.


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