Mawaru Penguindrum 11: Fate Isn’t What It Seems Anymore


It’s interesting how everything around our usual cast of characters starts to fall apart just because the diary isn’t what it used to be anymore. Revelations about the past begin to surface, those being hunted still don’t know why they’re being hunted, and Ringo’s sudden change of heart in her plans to initiate Project M all begin to take us down a familiar train ride where destiny no longer makes clear sense anymore.


Little by little, we start to crack the mystery behind Natsume’s intent on making Kanba either remember something important, or torment him for the person he’s grown to become. Her intentions are a little more clear this time around, and it appears her connection to the Takakura family is a little deeper than initially perceived. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who she’s contacting on the other end of that cell phone connection.


Meanwhile, Ringo successfully extracts the magic toad potion to get Tabuki to fall for her, but it seems as though the absence of a complete diary is starting to affect her judgement. Even though Shouma wasn’t involved with her plans this time around, she still managed to hold herself back upon the realization through her own tears and Yuri’s own third-party observation that Tabuki isn’t really the person she truly loves. This whole time, Ringo has been acting on behalf of what Momoka supposedly wanted when she was still alive. I guess the physical diary itself holds environmental power in that now that it’s torn in half and two different parties have each half, the desires of the author no longer affect the diary’s current user. Still, you have to give Yuri some credit for staying composed in a situation like that. Apparently, she’s the perfect level-headed fiance for someone like Tabuki.


To add to the confusion, it now looks as though Kanba and Shouma have a great deal of involvement with Momoka’s fate sixteen years ago. Whether this is true or not is now in the hands of the next episode since we’re left in the last few minutes with a very eery NGE-esque train ride of introspection.

Next week: Shouma reveals why he thinks he messed up fate for everyone. My initial reaction about this episode was of excitement for some good development away from the Tabuki-Ringo trials I’m already kind of tired of seeing. Also, Natsume’s involvement with Mario, another penguin hat user, brings about more questions and solidifies others about whether Mario is under the same beck and call of fate as Himari is and whether both of them are fighting a nearly dying clock. As of this post, episode twelve already aired, so check out the next episode review for more info about what happened.


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