Mawaru Penguindrum 12: Eye For An Eye


Failure to obtain the penguin drum leads to a darker consequence I’m sure many weren’t expecting to see quite yet, especially if the series really is only halfway through its two-season run.


The suspense of wondering just how involved Shouma and Kanba were in the death of Momoka swiftly comes to light, as we are given a flashback sequence of sixteen years ago during terrorist attacks related to Kenzan and his orange jacket-clad organization. Ironically, this seems to be the same organization backing Natsume’s efforts in dealing with Kanba and those he’s involved with. So now we know details behind Momoka’s fate and why Shouma feels guilty for his and Kanba’s existence, but this doesn’t quite explain why they still haven’t found the penguin drum. Instead, we get some serious red flags about the consequences of being unable to obtain it in the form of one sad little lamb.


Whether you saw this coming or not, you have to admit that the way the outcome was executed was rather slick. Alluding to the story of Mary’s three little lambs made for some humorous yet disturbing suspense, and it helped to somewhat justify the two rabbit humanoids accompanying Sanetoshi into Himari’s operation room. Still, for almost an entire second-half dedicated to Himari-alter holding onto her powers as long as she can, I still think that Himari will somehow be revived yet again. I’m sure there’s something in those boxes that the two rabbit humanoids were holding that will act as some sort of temporary exchange far greater than what Kanba could ever offer to Himari-alter. Otherwise, the numerous flashbacks of Himari’s peaceful days with her two brothers actually will be the last we’ll see of her.


Next week: Kanba swears upon his life that the above snapshot of Himari-alter’s boredom from Shouma’s ramblings won’t just be a fleeting memory. If it really will be, then when we’ll we ever get to see and hear another fabulous max Rock ‘N Roll Night segment again? I don’t think Mario will ever stand up to Himari-alter’s now legendary transformation sequence.


2 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum 12: Eye For An Eye

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