Mayo Chiki 12: A Butler’s Gratitude


Because of Kanade’s injury and Subaru’s insistence that it was her fault for not protecting her master, Subaru is forced to stop being a butler. A series without our star butler? That was only acceptable in the beach episode some weeks ago, but she can’t give up now!

Then again, as long as Punyuru fills in the void, then I guess it’s okay.


And boy did she fill it (again)! I think we’ve seen the formula already, where absolutely no one reacts to the fact that this mysterious transfer student’s name is ‘Punyuru’ (thanks to Kanade as usual). So, the best part of the entire first half to me was just how shocked Kureha and Nakuru were when Jirou confidently asked Punyuru out for a nice little lunch date.

Of course, we can’t have a show about a butler be absent without said butler for too long, as Jirou seeks the help of Subaru’s fan clubs and the rest of the main cast to get the entire school to sign a petition for Subaru’s return to butler-hood.


As a matter of fact, Jirou did such a good job that Subaru decides to thank him for it with a heartfelt kiss. D’awwww. Too bad his gynophobia got the best of him again. And what’s a confession without Kanade snooping around in the background to make sure the deed is done? I still can’t tell whether she really likes Jirou or not and is just toughing it out for the sake of Subaru, and her continuing to be discreet but still dropping hints around Jirou still doesn’t help my guessing either.


Yep, at this point, Mayo Chiki technically ended its season run already. Episode thirteen is Nakuru’s time in the spotlight and having already seen it (but not written about it yet), I can definitely appreciate a change of pace in the direction of the romantic aspects of this show.

So then, what’s the deal with the hand-holding up above? Clannad vibes, much? At least Subaru isn’t sickly or anything. Whether it was a good decision to end the story off here is unknown to me since I hadn’t read the original source material to this series, but I’m satisfied. In my opinion, I definitely see second-season potential; just not for a while. I think the show played up the Subaru x Jirou combination well enough to warrant the decent resolution we got in this episode.

Next week episode: megane fans, rejoice! Nakuru goes on a date with Jirou… which nearly contradicts almost everything we’ve built up for Subaru and Jirou. Oh well!


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