Shinryaku!? Ika Musume 01: Invade What Again?


Everyone’s favorite cephalopod-turned-wannabe-humanoid-invader returns for another season of attempted invasions and hilarious hijinks. One thing’s for sure, though: hell hath no fury like that of a squid girl’s raging glutton to help her quickly forget about her schemes. It’s been done before, and I have a feeling it’ll be beaten to a pulp again for another few weeks.


But who cares if it’s the same formula that made the first season an apparent commercial success? When you get to have the return of an awesome cast of characters like Cyndi and Sanae overreacting to Squid Girl’s ink, the MIT professors up to the same ridiculous antics, and Eiko with her facepalm-worthy expressions, it’s hard not to resist coming back for more of the same stuff.


Squid Girl S2 continues to keep pace with its usual triad of stories packed into each episode, each telling of a different circumstance of either Squid Girl’s attempts to take over the human race, or simply to just mock her for the utter failures she puts herself through. And unless I missed something from its first season, we still don’t know how in the world she took on a human form. I don’t even think anyone cares (or is supposed to care) at this point either. All we know is that she still has a debt to pay to the beach-side restaurant she nearly destroyed in the first season by continuing to be one of its servers. Antics ensue, shenanigans are brought about, and hilarity gets upped a few notches.

Beyond that, this is just a good comedy that shouldn’t disappoint in its second run. And if the first season proved anything to the audience, it’s that it can keep coming up with stories in batches of three and still make Squid Girl rather adorable and funny to watch, despite all of her misfortune.

First Impression: 8/10. Great start to the Fall season with a familiar cast and episodic formula, but a slow introduction to the comedy. I’m sure it’ll ramp up.
Likelihood to Blog: 7/10. Episode highlights instead of episodic reviews to follow.


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