THe iDOLM@STER 15: Are We Live?


It’s so nice to see the girls hitting a stride with their careers. I can understand why their variety show would be such a hit, especially with someone as adorably clumsy as Haruka. At least the crowd was loving every moment of it.


You can have Miki, Haruka, and Chihaya as hostesses for their variety show, Ami-Mami and their whacky charades sequence, Hibiki running a 10K and subsequently getting lost, Yayoi with Iori and Azusa pulling kindgergarten-grade Yui antics, and Yukiho saving Makoto from the wrath of the audience’s lack of interest in Makoto’s girly side, but you can never top Takane’s awesome ramen segment. Apparently, she has the appetite to put any Mongolian BBQ restaurant out of business and make the entire bean sprout industry collapse. But she doesn’t care and neither should you. The only thing I’d worry about is maintaining the finances to pay for those bowls and keeping up with all of the places she tries. So much for watching sodium intake.


Kotori is still my favorite character, though. And she’s not even an idol. That said, it makes me question just why she has most, if not all, of what seems to be 765 Pro’s productions. Study material? Fangirlism? Homework?

Whatever the case may be, we got another enjoyable episode of the iM@S girls doing what they do best. It’s hard to imagine how much they struggled in the first half of the series, yet it’s been super refreshing to see them just do their jobs.

I’m not even going to mention Chiyaha’s case. She’s the only one that seems to be the worst off of the group in progressing as a well-rounded idol, but it seems that that’s all we’re going to get until we get some real drama going on either between the 765 staff themselves, or with another rival production company. That’s right, bring on the boy bands that the majority of the male viewer population of this show are not looking forward to anytime soon. We’re in need of some much needed drama.


One thought on “THe iDOLM@STER 15: Are We Live?

  1. Actually one of my favorite episodes for a filler. Shame though, Makoto always has be dressed as a male to been seen as attractive 😛

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