Working’!! 02-03: Helping Hands


I think we can all forgot how terrible a waitress-in-training Yamada is and how moe Popura is, as long as the show continues to accentuate how awesome Nazuna is as the up and coming helping hand for the restaurant. The way she gets on the good sides of both girls so easily was a character trait sorely missed since this show’s prior season airing. Too bad she’s only taking on the job for community service.


Speaking of conniving, Souma doesn’t come across this season as too much of the conniving wit he seemed to portray in the first season. Sure, Hiroshi Kamiya still does an excellent job in portraying the same mysterious aura he effortlessly pulled off as Izaya in DRRR!!!, but it seems like he’s going a little too easy on his coworkers this time around. Especially with Yamada. No one should go easy on that slacker.


And what a change for Izumi! When she’s not being her usual brooding novelist self, she actually is portrayed with such an air of happiness and serenity that it was almost a complete shame that she reverted back to her old ways later into the third episode. Too bad for Takanashi since that means he’ll still have to care for her like he’s always had to.

And all of the misunderstandings about who Takanashi is supposedly dating? Since we never got to see Izumi find out that Inami is actually the person in question, I’m sure this will be a running gag into the next couple of episodes until one of them figures it out.


Highlights of these past two weeks? Slacker Yamada being slacker Yamada who’s out for nothing in this world but to eat up your retirement money, Popura’s continued justification behind her childish physical appearance, Souma actually failing to be the strong instigator that he was last season, and Takanashi’s sisters being highlighted once more, namely Nazuna’s efforts to help out at the restaurant. Not enough Yachiyo!

Next week: actually, we might just get more Yachiyo again. And maybe we’ll get some more non-progress between her and Satou. And for a preview that talks about murder mysteries, I doubt that’s what we’ll actually get, but I can’t really complain if the show is continuing to be as entertaining as it has been so far.


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