Mashiroiro Symphony 01: The Color of Spite


It looks like we’re getting a refresher on what it’s like to merge co-ed and all-female schools together with what I can only assume to be a healthy dose of dangerously provocative antics and harem bouts. Sena-chan does not approve. Yet.


Select first and second year students of Kagami Academy (blue outfits) are undergoing a test merger with the nearby all-female Yuihime Girls’ Academy due to financial strains. We’re introduced to Shingo and Sakuno Uryuu, two siblings from Kagami Academy, in the midst of their frolic through Old District and Sakuno’s subsequent (albeit standard moe level) clumsiness in both getting lost and forgetting to charge her phone before taking on the excursion. After a chance meeting with Sena who happened to be wandering about with an umbrella (on a nice, clear night), Sakuno eventually rejoins Shingo after a slight bout of rain and the two parties part ways for the evening. However, little do they know that Sena is actually the daughter of the principal of Yuijo who happens to be the reason behind the request for both schools to merge.


Complicated? Not really. One would think that Sena would have retracted her seemingly strong stance against the merger after realizing that the Uryuu siblings she met the previous night will start attending the same school as her. Instead, it looks like Sena will continue to uphold her viewpoints and make it as hard as possible for Kagami Academy to settle in. Convenient? Sure is. Sena’s unwillingness to accept the change will, of course, lead to quite a bit of entertaining misunderstandings and unnecessary rivalries that make shows like this the creme de la creme of harem anime. Only this time, we get the wonderful studio Manglobe animating this adaptation, along with a cast of seiyuu normally used to dealing with secondary characters.

First Impression Rating: 7.5/10. Let’s get the worst parts out of the way first: this show is terribly slow. I understand this might be one of those stop-and-smell-the-roses type of shows, but even the comedic parts are too few and far between. And when they do appear, the jokes come off as a little flat and sometimes even overbearing (I’m looking right at you, meido Ange). Nonetheless, I dig the concept of the co-ed/all-female school merger since it usually brings about hilarious moral topics down the line between these young kids. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be as raunchy as Green Green wound up being over the course of its run, or too serious like Clannad.

But don’t get me wrong – Clannad was awesome. I just don’t want to see another rehash of it.

Likelihood to Blog: 7.5/10. With so many other shows with great potential, Mashiroiro Symphony might just fall under my list of guilty pleasure shows to watch and blog from time to time (i.e. iM@S). If Manglobe can keep up with the character designs and keep the story flowing with good entertainment value behind the standard harem offerings, then I’ll be more than willing to keep going with this one.

Next week: Sena blushes.. way too much.


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