Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai 03: One Hundred For One


Kodoka asks a question to himself that will probably be the basis for the serious side of this series: are there really friends that can care about each other their whole life?


The childhood connection should be pretty obvious by now, so it was a good way to tie it into why the Neighbors’ Club was created by none other than Yozora herself. Should we be surprised? If anything, I’m half touched but also half disappointed since I see the club as an excuse to indirectly get Kodaka to remember her without being up front with him. And now, we have Sena in the middle of it all to complicate things (from Yozora’s perspective, at least). Either way, it makes for great entertainment value since we all know by now how much of a love-hate relationship Sena and Yozora have for each other. I’m almost wishing the story would just stick with these three characters.


Speaking of Sena, we have ourselves a great Kirino-clone with Ohana’s naivety using none other than Sony VAIO mobile computing equipment. Coincidence? Sena’s serious attitude when sitting down to play eroge (in the clubroom of all places) should be infringing Oreimo copyright. And where’s Tarou and his crummy novels and red rope when you need him? Speaking of Oreimo copyright, it’s hard not to associate Kodaka’s younger sister with a cross between Kuroneko and Sena; the similarities are just too much.

Nonetheless, I’m happy we have Sena to break up the Yozora-Kodaka arc because of all of the torture Yozora puts her through to make fun of her. And for Sena to try and justify eroge dialogue to Shakespearean plays and library materials, only to get completely backfired and run away in defeat was a pretty awesome sight to see.


The other main focus this week was on Sena and Kodaka’s development as he attempts to teach her how to swim at the local pool resort. After some Toradora-level encounters with some troublemakers and some insight into just how vulnerable Sena really is at dealing with her surroundings, we get a slightly better understanding as to why she wants to be part of the Neighbors’ Club in the first place. She could have all of the money and connections in the world, but all she wants are some true friends who understand her (and her interesting hobbies) for who she is.

Next week: Hachiko of NANA fame makes a cameo in the form of this show’s resident trap. And will we ever get to revisit Yozora’s quest to make Kodaka that 100-to-1 friend she’s been patiently waiting these past ten years for? Hopefully, the rest of the (nun?) secondary cast will be just as enjoyable to watch as our main trio.


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