Tako Luka Invasion (Kyaaa! Face)

Tako Luka Invasion, 5 of 5

I’ve slowly been turning into a Megurine Luka fan since my days at Anime Expo and the Vocaloid experience’s first American debut at Mikunopolis in Los Angeles. So, it was only natural that the merchandise soon followed. But what does this wannabe Luka octopus have anything to do with the actual human-form character? And why do I suddenly have a craving for some takoyaki, as terrible as that may seem in the context of said octopus?

Tako Luka Invasion, 1 of 5

More as a gift than an addition to my figure collection, Tako Luka invaded my space recently with the intention to wreck havoc on my apartment and occupy almost everything with that disgustingly moe ‘kyaaa!!’ face of hers and those stubby little octopus legs. Yes, it’s Megurine Luka. In octopus form. Born from the mind of Sangatsu Youka sometime between 2009-2010, the approval of Crypton Future Media themselves, and the resources of Good Smile Company, Tako Luka began sweeping the nendoroid puchi and plushie collectable world and orders soon became available. Head over to the Volaloid wiki for more information and song history. Yes, the little octopus can sing.

Tako Luka Invasion, 4 of 5

Here’s a shot with the one Luka figure I own, which is actually part of GSC’s Nendoroid Petite: Vocaloid RQ Set (Black version). Tako Luka is convenitently placed right behind GSR Luka. It almost looks like she’s ready to bite her head!

Tako Luka Invasion, 2 of 5

More Luka shenanigans, this time with my guitar. If she could, could she play for us a nice Tako Luka version of Just Be Friends?

Tako Luka Invasion, 3 of 5

And, like many other Tako Luka plushie owners, mine decided to stealthily make her way to the kitchen and pry open my refrigerator to find a few things to munch on. Thievery! Good thing I don’t have any fresh octopus to cook or else I’d have made her furious. On another note, notice how she’s effortlessly latched onto the fridge door? That’s because she has at least one or two magnets in each of her legs – great for creative poses and opportunities to show off your plushie whether indoors or out. Also included (but not pictured here) is a strap in between her headset and the start of her bangs so that you can hang her from various places, or even hang more plushies together with her; and a loop under her belly to put a strap through and secure her. Ideas for bags or camera straps? Hmmm.

Although Tako Luka is going to be given to a dear friend of mine, I can’t help but want to purchase one (or two.. or all three) for myself at some point. Limited availability could cause YesAsia to sell out of their stock pretty soon, so check their website out if you would like to own your own plushie(s).

Photos available in higher resolutions at my flickr site, under the Figure/Vinyl set.


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