C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious 01-04: First Impression


When the idea of a simple Rubik’s Cube morphs into a concept of a powerful being capable of storing and using any and all torture devices known to man for the sake humanity’s need to punish, you know you’ll be in for quite a rush of a story. Unfortunately, it took me four weeks to begin appreciating this show; on the bright side, now I’m hooked.


In an attempt to sum up three weeks worth of story for the sake of condensing it all into one simple shot of Haruaki on the verge of Fear’s wrath, we basically have a story about yet another high schooler who has a special resistance to curses of any kind, and has a father who sends him cursed instruments several times to try to disprove it. Fear is the name of “Fear in Cube”, the mysterious blue-haired girl with the giant torture weapons, who becomes the central focus of the story. Along with her dark history of being used as a torture device repository throughout mankind’s history, we also learn of Haruaki’s other classmate, Konoha Muramasa, who happens to be the human embodiment of a magical sword to protect Haruaki (and eventually, Fear).


Match up our protagonists with some very interesting baddies like crazy blonde lady and Mummy Maker who are mainly out to capture and detain Fear (or destroy her, rather), throw in some shady side characters like mysterious class representative Kirika Ueno, and you have yourself a visually saturated and highly entertaining action suspense (with vague elements of romance and comedy) series to get you hooked… four weeks into the program.


The first episode came off as too much of a lighthearted slice-of-life-meets-sci-fi for me to even guess that something like a deranged and berserk Fear would ever surface. Sure, we knew she possessed every torture device known to man, but I didn’t think the show was going to generate so much of its dark side so slowly. I suppose my only gripe is that the first episode was a poor indicator of the potential of this series given that the aspects worthy of a great show did not even surface until the transition between the second and third episode when Fear finally lost it.


Otherwise, I’m all-aboard this crazy Fear train. What I thought was going to be a dull and snooze-worthy story is turning out to be a visual feast with enough battle angst and martial arts to put even the original Fate/Stay Night airing to shame. But what this show still lacks is proper drama buildup; Fear contemplating on whether she should stay on the sidelines per her friends’ request or just dive in and help was pretty jarring and repetitive and became a consistent theme that finally reached its climax in this fourth and most recent episode to date. Relieved, yes. Excited, yes. Angry about Mummy Maker’s fate? Sure am; but that’s what makes our main antagonist (at the moment) such a pleasure to watch beyond her consistent expletives, ravaged Victorian outfit, and chain-smoking habits. For setting such a bar, I’d expect no less from the next villain that attempts to subdue Fear and her powers.

First Impression Rating: 8/10. If I were to start this off from episode one, I’d have easily rated the show a 6. The last two episodes really changed my mind about the direction of this series and helped redeem its value in me as a viewer.

Likelihood to Blog: 10/10. Wow. With the recent developments surrounding Fear in Cube’s capture and wondering who else is involved in her fate is really hooking me into this show. That, and each of the characters is well-rounded enough to appreciate their individual scenes. Konoha is definitely a keeper for the trio and is probably the one to hold them all together, but it’s Kirika at this point that I’m most curious about and who she’s acquainted with. That epilogue of her dressing up to visit a mysterious party to the cursed instruments.. yeah, not suspicious whatsoever.

Next week: looks like Fear ultimately survives this week’s showdown and life temporarily goes back to normal for the gang. Hello again, slice-of-life scenes.


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