Working’!! 04: Pity the Fool(s)


The confrontation! I feel like these have come along before, but this week takes another fresh stab at the Yachiyo x Satou dilemma; something I’m sure many a shipper probably took to much delight once again.


I guess the biggest question is still whether those two blockheads will ever straighten out their misunderstandings. Although mentioning it is like a broken record by now since I already watched the first season, Yachiyo’s air-headed tendencies get the best of Satou’s unwillingness to be straightforward with how he feels… yet again. But hey, it’s okay as long as Satou continues to own Popura’s hairstyle and change it into something as whacky as that palm tree (with actual coconuts!).


And, like most other situations that happen in Wagnaria!, misunderstandings begin to multiply. This time, it’s our favorite androphobia-plagued Mahiru and her several angles of pity for Satou that almost stole this episode. To make matters worse, even Souta begins to think that Mahiru’s crushing on Satou. Oh, the triangles. I haven’t seen this much confusion and jealousy since the last episode of Macross Frontier (still waiting on that second movie sequel).


So why all the trouble with Yachiyo blurting out she’ll be no good for Satou or anyone for that matter for awkwardly letting Otoo’s presumed missing wife disappear off to the next manhole? Turns out she’ll do anything to keep everyone’s happiness, but soon flips the coin on her judgment for the sake of continuing to keep Kyouko all to herself for fear that returning Otoo’s wife back to him will cause Kyouko to get angry for no longer receiving food gifts from Otoo.

Aside from all the drama, what restaurant lets two of their key employees (manager and head server) go on a nice midday walk to the supermarket just to pick up more whipped cream?


Then again, this is Wagnaria we’re talking about, where 90% of its employees do nothing but banter between each other, break plates, eat all of the parfaits, and make really shoddy Yamada dolls instead of tending to customers and upselling their counter merchandise and restaurant gift cards.

So what did we learn this week from our favorite restaurant staff ever? Satou and Yachiyo are (still lovable) idiots, Souta still thinks of Mahiru as nothing but a dog (how sad), Popura continues to have the best Satou-rage-induced hairstyles (with, again, real coconuts), Otoo-san will probably never find his wife at this point (lest he track down several used milk cartons with a DNA trace on the carton openings), and empathetic Mahiru ironically looks like Hachune Miku (made even more ironic by the fact that her VA is the same gal who voiced the original Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software).

Next week: Chibi-manager-san! But who cares about Kyouko; where can I sign up to get a poorly made Yamada doll?!


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