C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious 05: Red-Handed


Our reward for witnessing the big resolution of our first antagonist’s plight and class president’s big reveal: Haruaki and Fear caught in the act… of cube maintenance? Poor Konoha.


I felt the need to get the most outrageous scene out of the way in order to calmly discuss this week’s two biggest revelations. Seriously, the comedy that’s mixed into this show is so well balanced against the action and suspense that it helps me forget the serious blunder of a script from episode one. Konoha’s continued involvement into this episode also helped strengthen my likening to her character a bit more. You just can’t phase onee-san like that, Haruaki; she has you in check so you’d best watch what you’re doing around Fear, even when she’s in cubed form.


Big revelation #1: bitchin’ character arc nearly drawing to a close as she finally gets owned by both Fear and Kirika. For all of you Mummy Maker fans, this means some redemption and a bit of closure as she realizes that killing Mummy Maker probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. So, how did crazy blonde-haired chain smoker finally get neutralized besides the awesome samurai film take-down method, anyway?


Big revelation #2: there’s more to class president’s calm demeanor than meets the eye in terms of her initially shady alliance towards our protagonists, and all of the hints these past five weeks in her involvement with everything that’s happened so far. All this time, Kirika has been hiding the trump card (fan-service notwithstanding; cosplayers and fans thereof, eat your heart out) of having cursed ‘armor’ that prevents her from suffering any external injuries. The caveat is that all of the injuries she’s sustained since acquiring said armor will exponentially befall her, causing her death if she were to rid of the armor.



I wonder if it has to do with Halloween being around the corner at the time of this week’s airing, but I must say that C3 is doing a great job with its balance of genres (especially its darker themes). It knows how to be blatantly serious, overly dramatic, action-packed, yet still remain light-hearted when scenes call for them. I especially like how some scenes look like I just stepped back into another Madoka Magica witch dimension with their eeriness and and dark tones.

And ironically, I felt a little disheartened knowing that each cursed tool that an antagonist eventually surrenders will allow Fear to subdue/nullify her ability to call upon any one of her torture tools. While this helps Fear move on from her past and get on with being a normal person, it seems like it would take away from all of the wonderfully animated scenes of her casting said tools on-screen that we get to witness week after week. But hey, at least it brings us closer to an eventual resolution (and more misunderstanding scenes of Haruaki inserting those discs into Fear’s cube slots to deprogram her skill-set O_o).


Next week: Delicate Like a Glass Ball. As usual, I have no idea what to expect, but I’m going to guess we’ll be getting more calm-before-the-storm scenes out of the way before our next antagonist makes his/her/their grand appearance to take down Fear once and for all.


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