DesignerCon 2011: At a Glance

Thoughts in Jeremyville @ DesignerCon 2011

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you. In my case, an entire week and a few days worth of familial situations, a major workplace move (and being in charge of possibly the single-most important aspect of a tech company: the tech), and sharing some time with precious friends has taken me away from the steady stream of anime/photo blogging I’d been slowly veering from. Does that mean I’m closing up shop or fading away as a result of the rookie aniblogger’s syndrome of sudden brain fart and disinterest in sharing with the world why I still tsun-tsun and dere-dere over particular shows?

Far from it. As a matter of fact, I’ve been actively watching all the fall anime shows I’ve come to love, attending conventions like DesignerCon most recently, and I’m even preparing for a third convention in the past two weeks. The next few days will be “at-a-glace” posts to consolidate the episodes of each show I’ve been following so as to keep the catch-up duties short and get myself back on track, followed by some photo-blog posts like this one to share with what I’ve really been up to since I last talked about a show like C3 or Working’!!

I can only hope that those who have been following my blog on the anime-side of things can be as forgiving as Sir Darth Vader here for the sudden lack of consistent posting. But a convention without some sort of inspiration to run into, especially for a convention that is supposed to spark creativity and inspiration, would just not be possible. While I was at DesignerCon this past weekend, I got to catch up with two very influential friends whom I haven’t seen in roughly five or six years – Randi of RadisRad, and Kristine alongside Christopher of the birds and the beasts. I met both Randi and Kristine during my university days through a campus cultural club, and both have since been building their respective (creative) businesses for the past few years. Seeing their booths actively perused on the show floor and being able to witness their growth since I last saw them invoked some pretty deep thoughts and feelings about where my own creative ventures stand at this point. If anything, my reunion with them felt like a wake-up call to start pulling my resources and energy together once more and get this blog actively running at a good pace again.

 Father, Nephew, Uncle

This weekend was also a great time for me to catch up with family I haven’t seen in weeks. Couple all of this with some great food, and you have yourself a productive day for the (creative) mind, body, and soul; and in some cases, the heart, too. It’s hard for me to not to think about some of my precious friends when I see certain things like strawberry octofruit (courtesy of Kim Rountree, a.k.a. Oborochann) Oborocharms in a picnic basket and not be tempted to buy them as gifts.

RadisRad, Gabe Bondoc the Giraffe

On the topic of inspiration, I found it fantastically ironic at how Gabe the Giraffe wound up being one of the inspirations behind a possible re-branding of my photography moniker. Perhaps I need to go back to the drawing board again and come up with a few more original ideas!

Three Little Pigs

Like a Boss

My overall experience of this year’s DesignerCon was great. I got to see old friends again, saw a few things that piqued my creative interests, and had some nice introspective moments about where I stand with my own artistic goals. All of the talented artists who showcased their works reminded me once more about something I read recently about one of my favorite rock bands of all time (and in particular, the transition of bassists during the band’s continued run):

Each person brings about uniquely creative ways to show off their talent to the world. Whether you can slap a bass or pick at it with your fingers, whether you have an arsenal of artificial light sources or strictly use natural light to showcase your subjects, or whether you blog about shows on a constant basis or on a when-possible basis, you are the sole entity to determine how successful you want your unique and original talents to be. The eyes of others don’t mean a thing if your own eyes don’t pick up the satisfaction you receive from your own work. It’s why many musical artists strive to make music they love and ultimately succeed, why even photographers with nothing but a camera body and some basic glass can capture images as good as the photographer with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear, and why some ani-bloggers can walk away from their blog for a week or two at a time yet still come back with strong entries with strong reception.

As usual, thank you to the readers, new and old, who visit my blog and continue to look forward to the shows I watch and the places I find myself with my camera. It means about as much as a booth owner sincerely appreciating attendees’ quick glances at their work. It surely means a lot to me.

My full photo coverage of DesignerCon 2011, held at the Pasadena Convention Center on November 5th, can be found at my flickr page here.


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