In The Works


It’s been three months since my last anime-related post and a general/photography post, and now I think I’m finally at a point where I’m ready to step back into the world of blogging. The Fall ’11 and Winter ’12 anime seasons have come a long way, and several more shows are ready to air this April. So what’s on my watch list this year?



..and good eats! This year presents a lot of goals when it comes to my journey to solidifying a proper portfolio. Anime conventions have passed and are also coming up where I’ve been meaning to expand my network and even do more cosplay photography. A fated trip to Japan in April to visit a dear college friend will allow me to go beyond the States and dive into a culture that I’m sure not many otaku and anime/manga fans get to experience. A new living space and opportunities with a significant other will allow me to explore the business side of product photography and help introduce me to new ways I can take this hobby of mine.

What next? Mini-studio setup and events? Bring ’em on!


Guilty Crown is probably the closest representation to what I suddenly stopped working on (due to some serious real-life priority arranging) and will pick back up again to finish. For the upcoming Spring season, here’s what I look forward to watching and perhaps blogging about:

* Fate/Zero 2nd
* Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Jogoku Hen
* Mysterious Girlfriend X
* Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
* Eureka Seven Ao
* Jormungand
* Sankarea
* Accel World
* Upotte!!
* Acchi Kocchi

Coincidentally, I’ll be leaving for Japan for late April, so I’ll perhaps get to see a lot of these shows in advertisement and media when that happens. Though, I doubt I’ll get to spend much time actually watching and blogging during the two weeks, since most of my time will be spent gallivanting around town with my friend, my camera, and a constant appetite for foreign food.

For the rest of the year, sequels seem to play a big part on my playlist, which also helps me ease back into blogging by talking about shows whose initial seasons I’ve watched and enjoyed:

* Kyokai Senjou no Horizon 2
* Hanasaku Iroha 2
* Minami-ke 4
* Seitokai no Ichizon 2
* Hidamari Sketch 4

Everything Else

While I wouldn’t call it official until I actually start on a new show or pick up where I left off from the Winter ’12 Anime season, I will say that I’m excited to be back and ready to get back into a cadence of shows, photography, and other content that I’ll be able to share and enjoy talking about once more. 2012 seems to be a great year for accelerated change, and I think it’s about time I took advantage of it here!


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