Pre-Anime Expo 2012 – Kyuubey, A Whole Lot Of Backend Updating

Pre-Anime Expo 2012, QB Twins

Overhaul is the only thing I can think of when it comes to what has happened and what is next for this blog. Over as in a major life goal of mine (Japan) is complete, haul as in there is a lot brewing behind the scenes for the photos I still have yet to release, and the events and anime I have yet to talk about. Did I mention we’re doing test runs for an anime podcast? O_o

QB and Miku (the dog)

Yes! I am going to Anime Expo. Yes! You can catch me wandering about with friends and cosplayers and new friends I could meet while I’m there. Follow me on twitter @jeremyrafanan or find me on facebook at Haven’t bothered to changed the 7 yet to something else yet, but I happen to like the number.

Things to watch out for from me in the coming days:

  • Anime Expo 2012 – it’s right around the corner! Too bad X Games is also, literally, right around the corner.
  • Japan 2012 – I flew there. I came back. I met old and new friends. I ate lots of good food. I took enough pictures to put a physical photo book together. Possibly hint at future publication? Hmmmm.
  • Anime updates – I’m still trying to figure out when is a good time for me to hop back into regular weekly season updates since I’ve been taking care of IRL stuff since before my Japan trip. At this rate, look forward to a summer or fall re-introduction.
  • Photography – I think I’ve gotten better. At least in my mind. Japan certainly taught me a lot about my style and where I can go from there.

Otherwise, stay tuned (as usual, and hopefully to a candle this time) for updates centering around this year’s Anime Expo and my take on what could possibly be another great year with great company and fantastic memories.

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