Anime Expo 2012: Day 0 & 1

Flood Gates of Anime Expo 2012

This isn’t even the full-res panorama of the sea of this year’s Anime Expo, but you can tell that South Hall was packed with eager con-goers ready to check out everything the exhibit hall had to offer. Amazed? I sure was. Especially since I’m usually the one in that sea of people!

Opening Ceremony Booth

Mostly quick photo updates of the highlights of Days 0 and 1 since I just now got access to the internet. Day 0 went well with rather snappy premiere badge registration, and opening ceremonies went off without a hitch. Minus the change in access for red carpet activities. More details in a later post.

Legend of Korra Cosplay, Stunner Shades

Highlight of Day 1? Avatar / Legend of Korra cosplay gathering. It was great to see such a transition from last year’s gathering and how many people transitioned over to Korra outfits (with many donning the role of the titular character herself).

Panty and Stocking Cosplay booth

Macross Frontier Cosplay

May's Goth Loli Cosplay


Ran into old friends, made some new ones (ah, the beauty of socializing in long lines), got a nice tan (both days), took a ton of photos, and managed to stay away from some rather extravagant figure purchases. Details on each day’s panels and such to follow. As soon as I catch some rest.


One thought on “Anime Expo 2012: Day 0 & 1

  1. Hi there :’D
    For one thing, good job on the photos!! They’re really well done~
    Also, um, if you don’t mind my asking, do you have pictures from ALA 2012? :O I’m sorry if I’m being troublesome!! orz It’s that super awkward JBF!Luka, and I’m really quite curious to see the other photographs you’ve taken as well since you’re really good at it * u *

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