Casey’s Baby Shower

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0201

I had an opportunity last weekend to take some casual family photos of Casey and her family as they celebrated the arrival of her first baby boy! Hue, the primary event organizer of the Soo family whose house you see here, put together all of the awesome decorations, food, treats, and games that we got to see, eat, and participate in. Great job, Hue, Phil, and family!

I initially planned to lug my rarely-used Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L around town as practice while studying for some work-related stuff, but I found myself volunteering to take these purely ambient photos. Honestly, I think it’s funny that my previous baby shower coverage turned up very similar colors and contrast, but maybe that’s the nature of baby showers in general. I’m sure I can provide better feedback once I do another one.

Some of my best photos are posted below. For the rest of the set, follow this link for the flickr page!

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0047

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0057

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0060

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0008

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0081

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0097

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0059

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0087

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0142

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0122

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0128

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0119

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0208

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0190

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0063

8-19-12 Casey's Baby Shower-0180

Thanks again to the Huynh and Soo families for allowing me to capture such delightful photos of all of you! And congratulations to Casey and Shirley; we can’t wait to greet your baby boy!



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