New for 2013: Figure Photography [Teaser]

1-16-13 FigureTest-2517

For 2013, I thought it would be nice to re-photograph all of my figures from different perspectives (and hardware) that I hadn’t tried before and never had ready access to. The above shot of this rather famous figure (some of you may be able to figure out who it is right away) is an example of just that, as well as being a preview to something different and fun coming soon. I plan to tie in more background elements with this figure to make the shots more unique and, say, relevant to the subject’s contextual theme. Needless to say, I think the initial teaser results came out great! It certainly helps that she has partially transparent hair.

Having been away for some time with some (positive) career changes and physical relocation, I am now ready to pick up my momentum again with a new season of shows to follow, figure photo projects to commence, and comments to get back to. Stick around for some more posts and feedback this coming week!


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