Photo Coverage: AX Live x Desu-Nation’s St Patty’s Cosplay Event (3.16.2013)

AX Live + Desu Nation - The Crowd

Large groups of people inside anime/manga stores, a couple of colorful sets of clothes and hair, cameras, and music can only mean one thing: mini-convention! I had the opportunity to meet a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and even some of my photos hosted by someone who works in the industry! Find out who it was after the break, as well as details behind my experience at AX Live/Desu-Nation’s St. Patrick’s Day Event.

AX Live + Desu Nation - Cashier View!

AX Live + Desu Nation - GSC Int'l Team!

AX Live + Desu Nation - GSC Giveaways!

Probably the biggest leap forward for me as an anime/figure blogger and photojournalist was being able to have some of my photos shared on Mamitan’s official blog post for the event. Being a fan of Good Smile Company since 2010 when I pre-ordered my first figure ever from one of their distributors as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, I have since then followed (mostly) their line of nendoroid product pretty closely. It started with the Black Rock Shooter series, followed by a series of releases of figures based on some of my favorite anime series (Toradora, Fate/Stay Night, Oreimo, Katanagatari to name a few), which then led to a radical sweep of Vocaloid figures and merchandise. So when I received word from Mamitan that my content would be digitally shared through the GSC international blogsphere, I naturally was pretty darned excited.

AX Live + Desu Nation - Yukina as Asuna from SAO

AX Live + Desu Nation - Itinerary

I have never been to an AX Live event before, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how my first experience with this iteration went. Think small intimate convention, but on a micro scale with workshops, panels, Q&A, giveaways, music, merchandise, and fun and friendly crowds who all share interest in the same pop sub-culture. It felt especially home to me since I have been away from the sub-culture for a while now; real life, psh.

In any case, I recommend checking out Mamitan’s blog post for slightly more in-depth coverage and some more photos I took, as well as my flickr page for the rest of my casual photos!

AX Live + Desu Nation - Oni + Miku?!

AX Live + Desu Nation - Gackpoid Prize

Congratulations to all of the winners of the raffle! As to be expected from prizes such as Snow Miku 2013 and scaled down Kyubey, this last photo is how I naturally feel:

AX Live + Desu Nation - Jelly Much


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