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This is Myspace [Cory and Ronnie] - 2 of 3

Ever since I changed day jobs over to what is arguably still one of the most well-known social network companies in the world, I have seen an increasing amount of opportunities to be surrounded by many things involving photography, whether they were times behind my own camera or working with and next to those with the equipment. Care to guess which social network that is?

This is Myspace [Cory and Ronnie] - 1 of 3

Huge thanks to Ronnie and Cory for being my models for the few minutes we took these photos. These guys are only two of the 200+ people I work and interact with on a daily basis, so it felt very natural to prepare for this very impromptu shoot. I think it was halfway through that was realized these were the same backgrounds our Talent/Artist Relations team uses whenever they have artists swing by the office. Plain and simple, especially when one of them has a straightforward phrase in it. I’d also been reading up a little on strobes and lighting so while I didn’t have any lighting equipment on me, window light around the office was abundant for me to utilize.

This is Myspace [Cory and Ronnie] - 3 of 3

So what of all the increased opportunities I speak of? Well, concerts for starters; these shots around the office were a prelude to an evening out at the Santa Monica pier for Myspace’s Twilight Concerts series. And other opportunities? Other coworkers who happen to also have a passion and drive for all things photographic. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one holding down the fort with a regular ‘day job’ while I spend my evenings and weekends capturing moments behind a camera body and lens. We’ll see where my photography takes me the rest of this year and into the next with the new environments I can now play in.

As usual, the full-sized set can be found at my flickr page by clicking the photos above or visiting the site.


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