Pacific Media Expo 2015 Fashion Show – GHOST OF HARLEM, MAZO xx PUNK, Xenon, Necrosarium

Pacific Media Expo

Rear-left corner of a large conference room, elevated on a stage about the same height as the runway, very low light, a mid-range zoom lens, and nothing but a projection to reference the designers. Such was the setup of my attendee experience at the Pacific Media Expo 2015 fashion show. I had a great time. It was challenging, eye-opening, and I definitely know what I want out of my photographs next time I attend.

Pacific Media Expo 2015 Fashion Show

First and foremost, special thanks to Lucid Luminos who put together the Xenon / MAZO xx PUNK portion of the fashion show. He provided full credits to the models, hair designers, stylists, and fashion designers for the eleven photos I took. Without his help and graciously inquiring about my photos, these honestly would seem like just a random assortment from a convention.

The challenges I speak of are purely from a photographer’s standpoint. I personally am unaware of runway photograph etiquette beyond general event photography etiquette: no flash photography, and stay out of attendees’ sights. Only staff was allowed to get an elevated center view of the runway, the runway lights were very dim, and because they were pointing upward, any model that held or motioned their hand in front of themselves casted unrecoverable shadows on their faces or clothes. To this day, I admittedly don’t have my own telephoto lens, so I was taking pictures at the maximum 70mm focal length of my zoom lens and cropping them (the results of which you see here and in the Flickr album).

Pacific Media Expo 2015 Fashion Show

Just compare the first image in this post to this one. 24mm vs 70mm; what a difference! Challenges aside, I think I came up with pretty good results. It definitely helps to have capable photo equipment (pushing ISO and exposure value limits, using available megapixels, knowing what to crop). Though, if I had a telephoto, I would at least be able to zoom in more and get more detail.

Technicalities aside, I really enjoyed this part of the show. With my limited exposure to runway shows, this segment really felt the closest to what one would probably experience at more of the mainstay shows during something like LA Fashion Week. Models trickled down the runway with minimal effort, poses seemed bold yet natural, and the live music provided by DJ Meirlin had enough tempo to keep the overall energy of the segment high.

Pacific Media Expo 2015 Fashion Show

Further credit goes to GHOST OF HARLEM, Necrosarium, Bloo Von Dollie, Jaclyn Charais, Kelly Andrews, Abbie Duncan, Kazuki Blue, Amber Cobelle, Jasmine Hallman, Ari Le, Lee RC, Chinami Narita, Kiri Feisst, and Kitty Thoss.

For the entire high-definition set, check out the Flickr photo page.


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