Behind the Scenes: Anime Expo Maid Cafe 2013 Portrait Session [4.6.2013]

Behind the Scenes: Anime Expo Maid Cafe 2013 Portrait Session - 19

When my good friend Wynston of Wynston Fernando Media told me he needed assistance with a photo shoot, he didn’t tell me what I was going in for; only that this was going to be very relevant to me and that I’m likely to enjoy the shoot. It turns out he was right. Who better to ask for assistance than from the person that enjoys anime as much as he does – in some cases so much that he blogs episodes on a weekly basis? Well, used to; that should be changing soon. Jump past the break for details behind why we thought it was a good idea to gather a bunch of photogenic maids and one host at a square-mile-sized park one sunny Saturday Orange County afternoon.

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Photo Coverage: AX Live x Desu-Nation’s St Patty’s Cosplay Event (3.16.2013)

AX Live + Desu Nation - The Crowd

Large groups of people inside anime/manga stores, a couple of colorful sets of clothes and hair, cameras, and music can only mean one thing: mini-convention! I had the opportunity to meet a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and even some of my photos hosted by someone who works in the industry! Find out who it was after the break, as well as details behind my experience at AX Live/Desu-Nation’s St. Patrick’s Day Event.

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Anime Expo 2012: Day 0 & 1

Flood Gates of Anime Expo 2012

This isn’t even the full-res panorama of the sea of this year’s Anime Expo, but you can tell that South Hall was packed with eager con-goers ready to check out everything the exhibit hall had to offer. Amazed? I sure was. Especially since I’m usually the one in that sea of people!

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Pre-Anime Expo 2012 – Kyuubey, A Whole Lot Of Backend Updating

Pre-Anime Expo 2012, QB Twins

Overhaul is the only thing I can think of when it comes to what has happened and what is next for this blog. Over as in a major life goal of mine (Japan) is complete, haul as in there is a lot brewing behind the scenes for the photos I still have yet to release, and the events and anime I have yet to talk about. Did I mention we’re doing test runs for an anime podcast? O_o

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Anime Expo 2011 Day 4 [Preview]

As far as photo updates go, I’m officially finished uploading all of the Anime Expo 2011 sets, rounding out all of my five days’ worth of experiences with this last set for Day 4. Do I still feel nostalgic about the entire experience? You bet. Am I still a little starstruck over some of the great guests of honor I got to meet? Uh huh.

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Anime Expo 2011 Day 3, On Its Way…

You know you’re quite a bit behind on Anime Expo posts when Crunchyroll already posts about the Hatsune Miku itasha, Danny Choo indirectly hints at looking your business card in the near future (yay, I made the pile!), and one of your own favorite anime blogs gets around to blogging about the convention two weeks later. Eek.

Day 3 photos are just around the corner, followed by Day 4. For the mean time, here’s a teaser of one of my favorite Day 3 photos that I posted on my facebook of voice actresses Stephanie Sheh (Yui Hirasawa), Cassandra Lee (Ritsu Tainaka), Christine Marie Cabanos (Azusa Nakano), Cristina Vee (Mio Akiyama), and Shelby Lindley (Tsumugi Kotobuki) of the English dub cast for K-ON!, jamming with the audience and working up a flurry of cheers from the show’s first season hits. Huge kudos to Bang Zoom! Entertainment for a great job with the casting. Though, I have to say that the actresses who play Mio and Yui most closely resembled the characters they represent; especially Mio with her stage presence.

Photos to Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2.

Anime Expo 2011 [Preview]: Days 1 and 2

Still working through photos from day 3 and 4 in between the full-time job and settling back into my place (and life in general). So for the mean time, here are ‘preview’ links to the flickr pages that contain my photos from days 1 and 2!

Starting with day 1, we have this photo of the lovely ladies of the hit Japanese band, Kalafina, gracing the red carpet leading into the Los Angeles Convention center just before opening ceremonies. Their most popular single has to be “Magia”, which was popularized as the ending theme song to the also popular anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I didn’t get a chance to see their sold-out concert or attend their panel, but I heard they had a fantastic performance.

Day 1 photos here.

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A Word from Anime Expo 2011 (post-con coverage, photos, etc.)

I’m back! But I’m still not quite settled in from the five days of pure awesomeness that was Anime Expo this past 4th of July weekend. So a quick note before I’m able to get to the photos and coverage later this evening:

Cosplay Photography
Thank you so much to all of the cosplayers and photographers I met this weekend! I’ve traded some of my business cards with you so that you can check out the photos, as well networked with some of the other photographers from the convention. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my pictures and thoughts on AX, as well as checking out photos from those photographers I met. I hope you enjoyed the show, and stay tuned for your photos!

Day-to-Day Post Format
In my tradition of attendance, I usually went straight to posting photos to facebook and flickr after the convention. This year, there was so much exciting material covered at the panels I attended that I may actually be releasing photo sets through flickr, then panel coverage here on this blog periodically (starting with Day 1) so that the photos can be referenced before the posts come out. I understand how important it is to have photos up first (because they speak a thousand words, of course), and it’ll work out perfectly since the staggered release of my own written coverage will allow me to be flexible with posting time frames.

It was exciting for me to push my limits and be a bit more hands-on with the convention; perhaps this will prepare me for when I’m eventually able to make it to press-status and do this a bit more professionally and timely (i.e. having the convenience of exhibitors’ wi-fi). Having no real, dedicated and easy-to-access internet coverage, coupled with jumping around to so many events/panels made it really difficult for me just to sit down and dump my photos to my laptop.

So be on the lookout tonight and tomorrow for my contributions to what I believe was the most in-depth, exciting, and rewarding Anime Expo I’ve ever been to since I first started going six years ago!

Anime Expo 2011: Day 0

Greetings from Day 0 at Anime Expo! This post is coming straight from complimentary access at the J.W. Marriott in Los Angleles, on the eve of Day 1 of the convention. What better way to kick off this five-day adventure than to show off some Hatsune Miku/2011 Toyota Corolla itasha?

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