Meeting Markiplier

Meeting Markiplier at SDCC 2016

So, yeah. This happened. It’s not that he’s a YouTube star or that it is very entertaining to watch his Let’s Play videos, vlogs, challenges, etc., that I’m getting my San Diego Comic-Con International badge signed by him. It’s that he is Mark Fischbach, who goes by the pseudonym Markiplier, who, despite being extremely exhausted from this year’s convention festivities and duties, powered through all of the autographs, pictures, and video recordings for his fans. Beyond the celebrity, beyond YouTube and subscriber numbers, he has a qualitative following for his genuine dedication to his work and fans. And in the brief two minutes I spent time with him, it reassured me as to why I consider myself one of his fans. Read on after the break for more details. Continue reading


Comic-Con 2011 / Downtown San Diego

Comic-Con International 2011, Day 4

What was only supposed to be a casual stroll through downtown San Diego wound up being much more – a detour into Comic-Con International 2011 itself. Join me as I take you through my roughly five-hour experience through the convention itself, and the little adventures around the convention center that my friends and I got ourselves into.

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Random Desk Series: Tokyoplastic Geisha Girl

Tokyoplastic Geisha Girl(s)

Random Desk Series returns with Tokyoplastic’s geisha girl vinyl series, made popular by their infamous flash-based performance in Drum Machine. I didn’t think I was going to Comic-Con this year, so I asked my sister to help me snag (the white and red) one. All that’s left is the SDCC 2010 exclusive with black hair and a red kimono; perhaps I’ll be able to add her to my collection when SDCC 2012 arrives!

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Focal Point: Canon’s EF 14mm f/2.8L Review / SDCC Preview

Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L with Mio Nendoroid

I just came back from a long and fun weekend of shooting and exploring with friends, which gave me lots of time to practice shooting wider and at a fixed focal length. The public broadcast production I shot behind-the-scenes photos for required ample focal coverage in tight, dimly lit spaces, so I saw fit to rent the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L lens for the weekend and take it for an extended test drive. After having a whole 72 hours with it, I can definitely vouch for its quality despite some minor hiccups and handicaps I found along the way.

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