Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere 02: Placeholder


The girl who collapsed at the end of last week’s episode gets quite a bit of screen time as her life reveals the darker side to the nature of politics and economics of their damaged world. Meanwhile, Toori and his classmates continue to think of ways to swoon what apparently is just a placeholder for Horizon’s existence. Who’d have thought the silent type would wind up just being another robot?

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Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere 01: Training Exercises


A perfect comedy-action hybrid to make a show like IS: Infinite Stratos seem like child’s play. I went in expecting to have lots of character and environmental exposition. I came out after twenty-four minutes with my eyes dried out from rarely blinking so as to not miss the action sequences, and my face hurting from laughing so much. There’s no denying the amusement of a dozen or so powerful students trying to land attach points on their teacher, only to fail miserably each time.

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