Mayo Chiki 12: A Butler’s Gratitude


Because of Kanade’s injury and Subaru’s insistence that it was her fault for not protecting her master, Subaru is forced to stop being a butler. A series without our star butler? That was only acceptable in the beach episode some weeks ago, but she can’t give up now!

Then again, as long as Punyuru fills in the void, then I guess it’s okay.

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Mayo Chiki 07: My Sweet Megane


Nakuru’s thumbs-up for Subaru’s Punyuru’s borrowed glasses look pretty much sums up this routine beach episode. At least Kanade had the actual decency to downplay Subaru’s gender properly by getting everyone to think it’s Subaru’s female cousin from a not too distant town just stopping by for the ocean breeze.

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Mayo Chiki! 06: Duel Wield


Wrong on so many levels because of everyone’s misunderstandings about Subaru’s perceived gender. It’s as if the show is trolling viewers like me who just want everyone to realize already that Subaru is female, yet the creators keep throwing these instances in like her choice of costume that shouldn’t be boggling my mind. It still does. Ugh. I’ve been had.

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Mayo Chiki! 05: Twin-tailed Blackmail


Bunnies and penguins seem to be the biggest hits in animal associations this season. I don’t mind sticking with calling our new pink-haired contender Usagi instead of Usami like Jirou originally did. In any case, just how fast does one need to go down a narrow street with a scooter to cause an unavoidable pedestrian collision?! That certain someone needs their driving privileges revoked and to give her scooter to me so I can take it around town and put it to better use.

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Usagi Drop: The Manga / Spring & Summer 2011 At A Glance


As much as Rin and Daikichi are engrossed in their respective choices of literature, I decided to pick up the Usagi Drop manga and haven’t been able to put it down lately. Does that explain why some shows on my blog reel are a bit behind, like Sacred Seven and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee? Well, partly.

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Mayo Chiki 04: Butler vs. Maid! Mouth to Mouth?!


Subaru is more or less forced out of the Suzutsuki family mansion because the Suzutsuki family head doesn’t want her or her father Nagare under the same roof if they refuse to make amends with each other from last week’s pool shenanigans. But tension in the Sakamachi household ensues as Subaru really has no place to go other than to tend to Kinjirou, which leads Kanade to follow after her to retrieve her. Meanwhile, everyone’s fantasies about Kanade becoming a maid (or at least dressing like one) come true.

Lovin’ Kanade’s Pheonix Wright “objection!!!” pose.

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Mayo Chiki! 03: Bedtime Secrets


Kanade continues to dominate the screen with her conniving yet playful antics as she puts a spin on her supposed relationship with Kinjirou. If Google+ existed in their world, she would list Subaru as family, Kureha as an acquaintance, Jirou a friend, and tease Kureha of Subaru’s whereabouts and latest happenings on a constant basis via Public sharing. Better yet, Kanade would just buy Google itself and make Larry Page a butler for Subaru. Crazy idea, but I think it just might work.

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Mayo Chiki! 01 & 02: First Impression

Butler turns out to be female; has to be kept a secret to stay at her master’s side or else she’ll be disowned. Throw in a nose-bleeding, easily misunderstood male protagonist, dump them into a high school environment, and make him the son of a famous professional female wrestler with a sister whose moves are just as unforgiving, and you’ve got yourself one fine piece of comedic ecchi-grade entertainment.

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