Infinite Stratos 2, Episode 1: Silver and Gold


I watch it for the plot. Also, I recall mentioning two years ago that I voted for a second season, so I’m happy to have made it this far to write about what might arguably be one of the most anticipated Fall anime titles. That is, if you are a fan of these harem/mecha-type shows.

That being said, I found the ones to stand out so far this season are Charlotte and Laura. It was hilarious for them to be referred to as ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ in the department store. Most of this episode comprised of their relationship as current roommates and reminds us of their level of affection for Ichika. Even the side story of the maid cafe they were so quickly convinced to work for (seriously, who is she and will she serve any level of influence beyond her random appearance?) served as an entertaining introduction to some fancy footwork and theft deterrence without the use of any form or level of IS gear usage. It’s also nice to be able to focus on anyone but the main character in a harem for a change, even if 75% of the episode feels like a filler. A very quick recap of season one and a lead-in to the current season after the break.

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U.S. Premiere of Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie, 10.19.2012

Madoka Magica US Premiere Entrance

There is a lot to be said about the commercial success of the Madoka Magica franchise and its progression since it first aired almost two years ago. And if you were lucky enough to secure a seat for the Friday, October 19th premiere at the Downtown Independent in downtown Los Angeles, you would also see how much popularity it has gained, even in the midst of Style Fashion Week going on across the street at the Vibiana. Like the entire week dedicated to the world of fashion, the Madoka Magica movie premiere will take place for a week until the 25th. And while it may not capture world-renowned fame like Style Fashion Week (just yet), it still shows subtle signs of a discreet subculture’s growth into popular mainstream entertainment.

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Infinite Stratos 11 & 12: Once a Harem, Always a Harem (Final)

(Let the pseudo retro-blogging continue!)

No matter how deep the story gets with the history and mechanics of the personal IS units, one must never forget that the core of this series is still managed by five pubescent fifteen year-old girls out to capture the heart of one fifteen year-old teenage boy by using big guns and yandere facial distortions. ‘Gospel’ what now? That was so episode one.

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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 12: Rivalry (Final)

There you have it – these two characters are the reason why the story exists in the first place. Not necessarily Kazehaya. It’s strangely ironic that the rivalry between Sawako and Kurumi was in fact complementary to the evolution of the main relationship, but you have to admit that without either of these two girls, Kazehaya would just be the same day-in, day-out popular high school kid.

(I’m half-glad there’s no set law book on blogging, but I do feel bad for leaving this one out for so long. Without further ado…)

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Yumekui Merry 12: Origins

Now that we’re getting closer to the end, Mistletine’s back story is explained in better detail through Chizuru’s Dream Demon, Lestion (Leon for short), and our batch of friends are more pumped than ever to stop Mistletine from taking away Isana’s dreams. Does this make way for a terribly overpowered and outmatched fight sequence, or does Mistletine finally get what she deserves?

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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 11: Acceptance

Ayane and Chizuru’s commentary on Kazehaya and Sawako were spot on. It’s as if they know all the tricks in the book when it comes to shojo romance. I can’t imagine any close group of friends not doing the same thing to their own perfect coupling. And when it works, boy is it beautiful. Almost as fluffy as all the effects Production I.G. threw into this scene. Lens flare? We’ve got it covered!!

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Infinite Stratos 10: Akatsubaki

Goodness, Charlotte, don’t do it! Ichika should have at least warned and stopped her before this happened. I, on the other hand, would have just let it happen like it did here. The reaction afterwards from anyone who’s oblivious to the effects of wasabi is always priceless.

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Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 11: Wordplay

You see that? Remember not hearing her actual voice for the past eleven or so weeks? That’s right, those lips are MOVING. The show totally defied its own conventions and decided it was time for Eu to speak. I guess she can stop hurting the environment now and save that notepad paper for something more useful.

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Kimi ni Todoke S2 10: Leaps and Bounds

Sawako finally fulfills her destiny as Sadako from Ringu! About bloody time. We only waited three seasons’ worth of episodes (three if you break up the first run into two 13-episode batches). Too bad Pin’s stupidity caused their class to disqualify for bribing the judges with delicious carbonated beverages. Someone needs to fire him 26 episodes ago.

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