Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt @ Zip Sushi & Izakaya [10.31.14]

Zip Sushi & Izakaya. Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA. Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt.

Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt partnered up with several restaurants in and around downtown Los Angeles to bring exclusive, themed meals and limited edition pins from each establishment. Here is Zip Izakaya’s contribution to the Hunt! Photos after the break…

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CicLAvia | Heart of LA – Little Tokyo Vantage Point (2nd and Central); Cyclists Take Over Downtown

CicLAvia | Heart of LAI was wondering why there weren’t any cars passing by on the streets of Little Tokyo this morning.

Metro’s CicLAvia | Heart of LA event is happening today from 9am to 4pm. This photo was taken around 11 this morning. The path, which can be viewed here, takes cyclists, skaters, and rollerbladers east-west from Echo Park to East Los Angeles Civic Center, and north-south from Chinatown to the Theater District. Based on my personal experience from attending this event only a few years ago, several Los Angeles streets are closed off from automobile and public transit access for a few hours for people to enjoy historic areas of downtown and surrounding districts. It’s fun whether hot or not, and today’s 90-degree weather just means riders need to protect themselves from the sun and hydrate more. Also, there are a variety of interesting musical pieces being played from some cyclists’ stereo systems for all to hear, ranging from 80s funk (Let it Whip sound familiar?) to today’s most interesting dubstep. Just now, I heard a drumline and looked out my window to find that there was a small band of five drummers on a wooden platform being hauled across the street.

I didn’t attend today’s festivities despite living here in downtown, mostly because I reserved this day to take care of much needed errands. However, Metro is indeed having one more even later in the year that I might attend if I get myself a road bike by then. I’ve always wanted to attend one of these events in full gear (no pun intended). If not South LA, then there would be no doubt Metro would return CicLAvia to the heart of downtown once more while I still live here.