Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt @ Zip Sushi & Izakaya [10.31.14]

Zip Sushi & Izakaya. Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA. Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt.

Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt partnered up with several restaurants in and around downtown Los Angeles to bring exclusive, themed meals and limited edition pins from each establishment. Here is Zip Izakaya’s contribution to the Hunt! Photos after the break…

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2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Day 2 [Preview]

2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Day 2 [Preview]: Shinkendo

I’m still picking away at the photos, so here are some teasers until (hopefully) tomorrow of the second day of festivities. Starting with the last display of cultural exhibition I witnessed before the festival ended, here’s a rather exhilarating look at Shinkendo – Japanese swordplay. The weapons used at first were wooden swords called ‘bokken’, and they are primarily used in practice.

I’m sure with enough force, you can whack someone pretty hard with a bokken and do some considerable damage!

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2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Day 1 [Preview]

2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Day 1 [Preview]: Fujima Kansei Odori

Strange weather, loads of sweets (and coffee), lack of sleep, and several run-ins with old and new friends; all have left me with little energy to stay up any longer, but the first day of Little Tokyo District’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival is officially over and Day 2 is just a few hours away. Did all of the hype and months of postponement dry out the festivities, or were attendees fulfilled from getting the last bits of Summer leisure they could before the weekend comes to a close?

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2011 Cherry Blossom Festival, Southern California [Preview]


Los Angeles-bound for Saturday and Sunday for Little Tokyo district’s 10th annual Cherry Blossom Festival! This year’s theme: “Blossoms in the Fall”. It’s a shame the festival had to be postponed this late, but at least it didn’t get cancelled; now we’ll be able to enjoy our first cherry blossom festival before the year ends!

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Reunion! Jerome and Sharon, Chinatown and Little Tokyo


Right after Japan Fair 2011, I took a trip up to Los Angeles to spend the rest of the day with some more friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time! Moon Festival was fast approaching, and the outdoor festivities in Chinatown were in high gear as usual that weekend. Between Chinatown and our later trip to Little Tokyo, we’d walked a few hearty miles, saw some interesting things, and ate lots of food. Check out the photos and some thoughts about our adventures after the jump.

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Focal Point: Another Stroll Through Little Tokyo / LA Live, Part I

Ah yes, another trip back to Little Tokyo is what I’ve been needing. The weather was more on the cold side than usual, but it was manageable. This week’s Focal Point showcases a small sample of the well-known streets, plazas, and gardens featured in Little Tokyo, as well as a look into the foot traffic on a Saturday such as when these photos were shot.

The above image was taken on the corner of 2nd and San Pedro, overlooking Weller Court. I usually like to visit Kinokuniya, Marukai, and the Kyoto Grand Hotel & Gardens when I’m there. Also, underground parking is usually around $8 and is very secure. If you need cover parking and will be staying a few hours in the area, it’s a good place to park.

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Focal Point: Valentine’s Day in Little Tokyo

This week’s Focal Point focuses on a trip I took with some of my family to Little Tokyo earlier this year. While these photos were not actually taken on February 14, they do show how much love and appreciation exists within the family, and I hope our happiness and prosperity continues for many years to come!

And yes, that is indeed a sign on the front door of Kinokuniya announcing the return of the Haruhi franchise with the tenth and latest Haruhi Suzumiya light novel due out in May. Despite Aya Hirano’s supposedly troubled career, I’m still hoping for a true animation continuation of the series after Melancholy and Disappearance. I think we’re all long overdue for another Hare Hare Yukai fix.

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