Motivation, Levitation, Persistence, Expectation


You know that saying where you need to fall so many times before you can be successful? What if you could just levitate in the air after you get back up and never fall back down?

When I was in Vancouver back in August, I was fortunate to meet many new faces, make new friends, and have lots of fun. I was also inspired a lot. Take this photo for instance and it actually has an outwardly obvious point of inspiration; the other is something only those that were there with me would understand, which is what I’d like to reveal to you here in this post.

Outwardly, this photo is inspired by none other than Natsumi Hayashi of yowayowa camera woman diary. I’ve always wanted to try what Natsumi-san does with her photos, and I’m glad I was able to have some assistance this time around in doing so. The other point of inspiration is Linda from LindaDProductions (be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well) who was behind the camera to take this image. Thanks, Linda! I’m actually honored to have gotten to know her through the group of people I was with in a casual way. I can’t imagine how I would have reacted if I was a huge fan; speechless and stutter-y all the time, I’m sure.

Having either heard or met these individuals is something really cool and, for the most part, rare to me. They both have amazing talent, have outlets to share their creativity and passion, and do it consistently and persistently. I feel like I’ve been there, but have fallen. Again and again. Recent changes to my lifestyle have helped me get back up and get some more hang time each time around. And now here I am, filled with inspiration to continue setting a new set of expectations for what I want to evolve my skill into next.

Thanks again, everyone. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and kiss the sky some more.


Japan, Day 1 – Koshigaya

Koshigaya Station

I have arrived. And what a trip that was. Boarding an eleven hour flight, getting spoiled with in-flight accommodations (hot towels, movies/music/games/flight guide, and my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream?!), touching down and seeing the sights and sounds of the transition from Narita all the way to Koshigaya, and the sense of urgency I felt in gathering my resources, attention, and patience as I fought through about an hour’s worth of commuter traffic and station/train timing to get to my destination – what a ride.

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Japan, Daruma Doll

I got this daruma doll from a small shop during one of my now routine visits to Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo Historic District sometime last Summer because I wanted to achieve something specifically great. Today, it will be traveling with me to where it originated from as I achieve the life goal I so passionately began and pursued nearly twelve months ago (and possibly well before that in small doses).

For two weeks, I will be experiencing first-hand the culture of Japan that I have grown to be fond of since, admittedly, the days I was first introduced to flashy and sometimes corny anime on local television broadcasts, the squeal and roar of tires and engines as lightweight and sporty cars swiftly slid sideways across L.A. county’s northernmost race tracks, and the slurp and sip of my first bowl of as-authentic-as-possible Hakata ramen. As far as I knew, I was the epitome of all things extremely yet nonchalantly otaku when it came to Japanese culture in American lifestyle; and I’m sure it helped that I’ve lived so close to L.A., one of the closest spots to experience, at least, the Japanese-American side of the culture, and had the pleasure of having such a wonderful batch of family and friends to help share with me in the excitement, gluttony, and fandom.

And now, here I am, six hours away from an eleven-hour flight to visit a longtime dear friend of mine, and to take a step that I’m sure many only dream about at my age and yet few actually clear their schedules and save up enough funds to do.

For the next fourteen days, follow me through my first experience to Japan as I narrate my trip with a series of pictures and words and that I can only hope will seek to inspire those who wish to achieve their own lifelong dreams, for those as curious as me about culture and travel as a travel-newbie, and for those simply looking to enjoy the ride with me here remotely. If all goes well, I’ll at least be able to find time for a few hours each day to share my thoughts and post here everyday or every other day.

And by then, I’m sure the second eye of my daruma doll will be happily filled in, and I’ll be able to keep it with me as a symbol of one of many lifetime achievements I’ll be looking forward to.

See you in Japan! ^_^