Delays; Hatsune Miku Crossing

Mike Expo Hatsune Miku Crossing

No one likes delays. Especially me. Fall 2014 post was supposed to go up around the time of this post, but other complications arose. Thus, I bring to you a photo from the Los Angeles Hatsune Miku Expo from last year instead. This was actually the very first photo I took that day as dozens of us waited on the outside perimeter of Los Angeles Center Studios for the Miku Expo Halloween Party to open. I spotted a Hatsune Miku cosplayer from a distance as she crossed the street among casual pedestrians. Someone thought this looked like a tumblr photo. Perhaps I should open a tumblr. Hmm..


Putting the Media in Pacific Media Expo: An Unofficial Vocaloid Concert

Bunny ears and an eager crowd awaiting the unofficial Vocaloid concert by Synthesized Reality Productions. Pacific Media Expo 2013. [j]

40 days of fundraising and almost $4,000 USD later, we have a Vocaloid concert! And no, this isn’t Crypton Future Media, SEGA, 5bp, MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC., or any other entity or production studio typically associated with Vocaloid concerts that put this show together. With enough continued momentum, Synthesized Reality Productions could very well be the go-to production studio for local Vocaloid concerts until it gains traction with the likes of larger conventions such as Anime Expo. Anyone who is a Vocaloid fan who knew about and/or was fortunate to attend the 2011 Mikunopolis event in Los Angeles would probably agree that seeing more of Miku, Luka, Rin and Len onstage here in the United States is something we really need to see more often, especially for the efforts put forth at this year’s Pacific Media Expo. Read on for my quick impression of the show and some photos of the concert.

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Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011, Live from Sapporo [Preview]


Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011, Live in Sapporo. Yup, it premiered last night at the our local Century 25 multiplex theater here in Orange, California, as well as simulatenously all over the U.S. in places like Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles (how ironic if held at the Nokia Theater), and New York. And yes, I got to witness it, thanks to some of my awesome friends, Jon and Anthony. Initial verdict: fantastic! The only problem is that once you’ve seen a live Vocaloid concert (with HD character models), nothing else compares. Seeing the Sapporo show on the local big screen didn’t help to break that handicap down one bit, either.

Final impressions in detail when I get around to posting the rest of my experience later today. Hopefully, I’ll still remember all of the new and unique costumes that were revealed, as well as how flawlessly kept the band’s hairstyles seemed to be. Bottom line for now: do yourself a favor and start saving up for the upcoming Mikunopolis in L.A. DVD/BD due out in December if you’re even the slightest bit interested in the Vocaloid phenomenon. You will not regret it. Opportunities like the viewing of the Sapporo show only come around once in a great while, so it’s best to get enough exposure now before the show begins its final run.

Tako Luka Invasion (Kyaaa! Face)

Tako Luka Invasion, 5 of 5

I’ve slowly been turning into a Megurine Luka fan since my days at Anime Expo and the Vocaloid experience’s first American debut at Mikunopolis in Los Angeles. So, it was only natural that the merchandise soon followed. But what does this wannabe Luka octopus have anything to do with the actual human-form character? And why do I suddenly have a craving for some takoyaki, as terrible as that may seem in the context of said octopus?

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Post-AX Musings

Trying out WordPress’ “Upload/Insert From URL” feature for the first time using links to my photos from flickr. This should make integration and posting from my flickr photostream a lot easier now, which should also help me blog about my days at Anime Expo. On that note, these photos tell of how I helped gather most of my friends who were roommates with me at Anime Expo 2011 to enjoy some anime, Mikunopolis, Japanese food and beverage, and some karaoke of some of our favorite shows. I began with some shots of some of the new Nendoroid I acquired at AX, starting with Lucky Star’s Konata dressed in a shrine maiden outfit and sporting a digital SLR. I should get a magnifying glass and paint “Canon” on the camera!

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Anime Expo 2011 [Preview]: Days 1 and 2

Still working through photos from day 3 and 4 in between the full-time job and settling back into my place (and life in general). So for the mean time, here are ‘preview’ links to the flickr pages that contain my photos from days 1 and 2!

Starting with day 1, we have this photo of the lovely ladies of the hit Japanese band, Kalafina, gracing the red carpet leading into the Los Angeles Convention center just before opening ceremonies. Their most popular single has to be “Magia”, which was popularized as the ending theme song to the also popular anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I didn’t get a chance to see their sold-out concert or attend their panel, but I heard they had a fantastic performance.

Day 1 photos here.

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