Guilty Crown 9-10: That EVA Syndrome


I might as well be re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion at this point; at least the philosophical and religious themes worked to create a dramatically dark and moody theme whenever the leads were at their worst. Here, we just get a radically transformed Shu consisting of delusions and mental breakdowns so far left from the buildup of his character since ten weeks ago that I’m about ready to fall out of my chair from disbelief at how badly this show is being handled.

Oh wait, this show being badly handled is old news by now? Where have I been?!

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Guilty Crown 01-02: Void


The Fall season’s most anticipated series finally gets the review treatment here, and what better way to start things off than to not highlight the main female protagonist in the introductory image. Why? Because I think Tsugumi just proved herself to be far superior than damsel-in-distress Inori in both usefulness and overall character introduction. Sorry Inori, but your last-minute class transfer better work wonders next week.

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