Jer’s Own Fall 2010 Anime Lineup – Because Ten Shows Is Just…Wow

Welcome to my paraphrased (at least as of when I started writing this), simple (ha), and clean impression of the Fall 2010 season of the wonderful world of coloooor anime. I find it hard to believe that I’m currently following ten shows (at the moment), but anyone who’s ever had a conversation with me about the subculture knows how relatively manageable that quantity always winds up being. That being said, the true list will probably dwindle down to three quarters to maybe half the original lineup. I usually keep a top 3 or 4 under my belt until the season wraps up, and then start back up again next season with a fresh batch. Regardless, I’m excited to finally share at least a teaser’s worth of my true thoughts behind some of these shows instead of just blurting out random posts about a particular episode I’ve watched recently. Enjoy!

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