Usagi Drop 11 (Final): Precious Time


It sure isn’t easy being a parent, but it definitely helps to be surrounded by those who share similar circumstances. And like the loss of Rin’s two front teeth, every character moves on and realizes either what’s been laid before them or what must be done in order to make the precious time they’re given all the worthwhile for themselves and their loved ones.

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Usagi Drop 10: The Porridge Cure-All


Parental courage rather than Rin’s sickness is what the story seemed to focus on. There was quite a gap in the differences between Daikichi and Yukari in their capacity to nurse their loved ones back to good health. For his stature and good intent towards Rin all this time, he seemed frail and weak in his inability to properly react to her condition. At least one thing’s for sure: last episode’s family togetherness between the two main families did this episode well for how comfortable they seem in willingly reconvening at Daikichi’s place on a whim. Sure, Rin’s health was a good excuse to come over, but it’s that sort of comfort that is helping remind Daikichi that he needs to start picking up the slack and beginning conveying that same emotion to others, especially in front of an ailing Rin.

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Usagi Drop 08: Priorities


What a week! As if the writers thought last week’s dualism was a great idea to execute, they do it once again this episode but with a strict focus on Masako. The story came together really well to weave her character into someone more emotionally complicated than her initial sweets-loving first appearance was made out to be. All that’s left is to see how long she can keep up with the choice she made and live with it.

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Usagi Drop 07: You’re Gonna Carry That Weight


I was either going to go with Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” or the Beatles’ “Carry That Weight” regarding Haruko’s introspection about her marriage and family. Looks like the infamous Cowboy Bebop reference won, along with that monstrous arm of strength Haruko displayed. If Daikichi lifts enough heavy boxes of garments and other textiles at work throughout the week, why did he struggle to lift a single purse?

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Usagi Drop 05 & 06: Trees of Life


By the time Rin gets to be as old as Daikichi, she’ll be able to jump over tall trees and buildings effortlessly. At least that’s what we’re led to believe based on Daikichi’s only slightly over-the-top explanation of how ninjas trained by jumping over growing hemp trees every day. So did he really just mean that in a metaphorical way in that her hopes and dreams will exponentially grow as well?

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Usagi Drop: The Manga / Spring & Summer 2011 At A Glance


As much as Rin and Daikichi are engrossed in their respective choices of literature, I decided to pick up the Usagi Drop manga and haven’t been able to put it down lately. Does that explain why some shows on my blog reel are a bit behind, like Sacred Seven and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee? Well, partly.

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Usagi Drop 04: Identities


This episode’s three highlights: Kouki and his mother’s increasing interactions with Rin and Daikichi, respectively; the continued mystery of Rin’s biological mother, and the interesting social changes parents must witness/guide their children through upon entering primary school.

Oh, and let’s not forget more heartwarming scenes of Rin being Rin. Daikichi’s utter bunny-hair-tie fail may actually work in Rin’s favor for the kids’ upcoming talent show despite how messed up it turned out.

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Usagi Drop 03: Sacrifices


It takes a lot of heart to accept the sacrifices that must be made in order to take on a new responsibility, but it also takes equal strength to break down ego and ask for others’ opinions and perspectives to make that responsibility seem less daunting. Daikichi’s shuffling of advice givers this week gives him just the right amount of momentum to make some key decisions on Rin’s future, as well as his own.

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Usagi Drop 02: Daycare Blues


Everyone’s favorite super well-behaved little munchkin returns for another week of lighthearted moments so lighthearted, you would think you’re watching an extended version of the most lighthearted moments of The Pursuit of Happyness. I was kind of waiting for Daikichi to start whipping out medical devices  here and there to sell to prospective medical practices.

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