Anime Los Angeles 2011: Bringing The Oldschool Back To AniCons

Foreground to background: Black Rock Shooterand Ritsu Tainaka from K-ON!

It’s been an entire week since Anime Los Angeles (ALA) happened, and I’m finally able to turn this post around! To tie into my last post about this convention, most of my thoughts have been swirling around the idea that the bigger-name cons like Anime Expo and Comic-Con have led to the under-appreciation of smaller cons like ALA; and if San Diego will be anything like ALA’s homey vibes, Anime Conji as well. Overall, I was happy to have experienced such a smaller con, and it proved one very important aspect of being part of this kind of subculture: con size really doesn’t matter!

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Back from Anime LA (Prologue)

Nenderoid 106 - Black Rock Shooter: one of the very few gems at Anime LA 2011

It has been roughly an entire day since Anime LA 2011 this past weekend, and I’m finally back! But unfortunately, this is the only photo you’ll get to see until I find time to sift through the photos I took and write a proper review of my experience at such a down-to-earth convention.

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