DTLA Night Market [Preview]

DTLA Night Market-7109

Rise. Every time I’m in downtown Los Angeles, I’m reminded of some of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and his overarching theme for the franchise. Paralleling my own personal adventure through the past seven months of ups and downs, I find myself back on this blog and slowly coming to terms with my past; seeing opportunities for success grow stronger and farther reaching than the pitfalls I faced. Well, I’m back. Again. And here we are, at what I probably do best at with my photography. Seeing the masses, tents, and trucks lined up along the backdrop of a city I love so much and watching life pace itself naturally through the ebb and flow of time, I’m back on the streets with my camera to capture what I can.

DTLA Night Market-7099

The downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) Night Market, among recent events I’ll slowly begin to share, represents the return of my foray into blogging and my passion for sharing with you through my photos of the food, the people, the places, and the events I love to capture, as well as all of the Japanese animated shows I still follow to this day. Over the course of the next few weeks, I hope to share more Night Market photos here and begin talking about the upcoming summer anime season. Stick around for weekly updates and more content. It should be a great, summer run.



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