Hanasaku Iroha 03: More Sparkle!

Ohhh, episode just got CliffNoted!!

In all (attempted) seriousness, Tarou’s efforts in free-riding the entire staff of Kissuisou fail miserably; meanwhile, Ohana lectures Tarou on the right way to truly sparkle in ero-novels life, noting that tying someone up in turtle shell rope bondage absolutely does not count.

There, I tried to be serious. Let’s move on to more fun stuff after the break.

The great thing about this show is that it can be taken the wrong way just by looking at parts of this episode in a different context. Take Tarou’s efforts in studying that rope bondage book. If this was Silent Library or Dirty Minds, I know I would have lost way too early on.

Tarou’s really just looking for a way to act out his novel-in-progress with Ohana to the extent that he can feel the surface experience and be able to write about it. One of the more surprising aspects of Ohana’s character this time around is her ability to stay level headed and take most situations, be it awkward or life-changing, with a grain of salt. Even when Ohana discovers that Minko has been writing up university-quantity-grade outlines just to come up with another way to tell Ohana how much she hates her, she doesn’t take it to heart. Admirable qualities that are sparkle-worthy!

Ohana’s determination to serve Minko and Nano their least-favorite dishes felt like it came to an abrupt halt and almost got Minko into trouble for not preparing food for the staff. Now that we found out it’s because of Tarou acting like an extreme sadist and kidnapping Ohana before she can finish prepping the meals, all that’s left is to return her back to the storyline and have Minko and Nano get their just desserts. It wasn’t really progress on Minko’s behalf for ultimately accepting the bowl of excess spinach since she still negatively wrote about Ohana, but at least spinach is better than balut. I’d rather be detested as a piece of spinach than to be rejected as an unfortunate embryo.

Still, at least she’s considerate for choosing another word. I’m sure dere-Minko is just around the corner.


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